Care and Maintenance of Window Film

Springstint is committed to protecting our clients from the sun’s harmful rays. Today, we share some care and maintenance tips for your window films Maintenance is essential to enjoy the maximum life and benefits of your window film. Here are four care instructions we tell our customers to keep their window film clean and well maintained.


Although rare, you may notice some fogginess of haziness on your film immediately after installation. This often results from moisture under the film after it was installed. But this is a normal occurrence and shouldn’t be a major concern. Give it some time, and it’ll disappear on its own.


Cleaning Window Tint

One benefit of using window tint is that it doesn’t attract dirt as quickly as glass. Therefore, you won’t need to clean it regularly as you would with glass.

But if you notice dirt accumulation, clean with a solution of water and a mild dishwashing detergent. You can also use commercial products designed for cleaning glass. However, this isn’t always necessary.


Remember to wipe off the solution with soft cloths or paper towels. If you’ve hired janitorial services to clean your windows, make sure to inform them about this tip.

Maintaining Window Tint
Film requires little or no maintenance for peak performance. However, you can take several steps to increase the lifespan of your window film. Use a silicone polish on the surface of interior films. This helps prevent scratching and bruising on the film.


Removing Tape from the Film
If you have adhesive tape on your film, you should remove it. You only need to peel it off like you’d peel something out of a glass window. However, if dealing with residual residue, peeling will not be effective. Instead, use a soft cloth and mineral spirits or alcohol to remove it. For stubborn adhesive, use methyl ethyl ketone or acetone with a soft cloth.

Tips to Care for Window Films

Proper care and maintenance are essential for any product to last long and offer maximum benefits. Window films aren’t different. Here are some things to do to keep your film in good condition for many years:

  • Regularly Clean Your Windows- don’t use clean tools or harsh abrasive cleaners when cleaning your windows. Instead, use a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth and a mild cleaning solution. Ensure that you’re using an ammonia-free cleaning solution to prevent discoloration.
  • Avoid Scratching Your Windows- slowly release retractable seat belts as they can hit and scratch your vehicle’s windows. Also, be careful when loading items into your car. Make sure that they don’t hit or slam the windows once you’ve closed the door.

Final Thoughts

These tips can help you maintain the beauty and function of your window tints. But, remember that even with excellent care, you may still need to replace your window film. In that case, we are the best tint contractor for the job. Call us on (719) 203 – 2573 or check out our services on our website

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