A Guide to Window Film

Window film protects and adds value to your property. It protects your window glasses and can save you money in the long run. Investing in it also helps keep your property looking new. Please keep reading to learn more about window films and why they matter.

Window Film is a transparent or translucent solution applied outside glass windows. The solution reduces the light penetrating via the glass. Window films can be used for functional or decorative purposes. Decorative window films are for adding privacy to a room. Therefore, outsiders cannot be able to see through. Functional window films protect individuals from the harmful rays and heat of the sun.


The window film solution contains toxic-free materials; hence it won’t damage your glass windows. The film is easy to install and remove and ensures that your property is safe. Here are some reasons you should consider installing these films:

  • Save Energy- tinting your windows reduces heat transfer. Therefore, the temperature in your house will remain constant, lowering your energy bills.
  • Privacy- tinted windows block people from seeing the inside of your home and office. Therefore, they offer privacy without blocking the natural light from entering.
  • UV and Weather Protection- window tinting blocks UV rays from penetrating inside. Therefore, it protects your furniture, flooring, drape, and linen, which would otherwise be damaged by these rays. Also, it prevents rain and snow from entering your house. Some tints even offer protection against hailstorms and harsh windows. Thus, protecting your family/employees and windows.

What Are the Types of Window Tints?

Dye films and metalized films are the main types of window tints. Dyed films have dye that absorbs light. They reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Thus, they are considered a privacy window tint. Metalized films use metal like silver, gold, or platinum to reflect the sun’s UV rays. Plus, they reflect heat in the atmosphere, keeping your environment cool. They’re also used to improve visibility and reduce glare. Also, most of them are resistant to scratch, helping protect your glass from wear and tear.


The price of window films varies depending on the type, installation, and size of your windows. The film generally costs $10/square foot for residential use and $50/square for a large office building.  Also, another factor influencing the prices is whether the project is DIY or you’ll hire a professional.

How Long Does Window Tint Last?

Several factors influence a window tint’s lifespan. But generally, you can expect it to last about seven years. However, some things can reduce this lifespan, including extreme weather conditions and the material. It’s better to invest in a costly but high-quality material that gives you value for your money. Window film is an excellent investment that protects you, your family/employees, and your property. However, having a professional install it is essential to maximize its benefits. If you are looking for a local window tint installation company, Springstint can help. We offer professional window film in Springs Colorado. Call us today for a free quote.

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